About me

Hey! I’m Robyn.

I’m very tempted to start my travel posts with Captains log, star date …
If you have no clue what I’m talking about then get off my blog! You’re making me feel old! 
Kidding! Just kidding. 
Well, look at this? Yet another travel blog where the author blabs on about where they went, what they saw and how lovely it was. 
*The heavens open and a celestial choir descends*
Yeah. I’m not going to do that. 
I’m going to show you a journey through the eyes of an autistic author. 
You should be.
So, sit back, strap in, and enjoy the ride!  

About Me

I was made in England and flew the coop for Upstate New York in 2013 and married my amazing best friend.
I started writing since I could string a sentence together and developed my skill into something legible as time went on. Internet and blogs are wonderful things, allowing me to be self taught, and learn something new every day. But from this, I grew some lady balls and started publishing my novels.

Books by Moi – Available on Amazon, free on kindle.

Shattered PiecesTaylor

Hi, I’m Taylor and I’m a drug addict. Oh, wait. This isn’t NA, is it? Then I’m just Taylor, a Brit living in America.
Secrets. My family has many. My dad’s an abusive alcoholic. My mom finds her solace in her boss’s bed. But me? My secret’s the worst of all: I’m gay.
I was raised to believe that it’s wrong to feel this way about men.
But then I met Alex, the sexy bartender with the Southern twang. And no matter how hard I try, I can’t fight my attraction to him.
How can something so wrong feel so right? And how can I keep fighting it when he keeps lending me his strength so I can live to fight another day?

The plan was simple.
Move to Cresthill, New York.
Open my bar.
Recover from the relationship I wish I could forget.
And then he walked in. Hot British Dude. Even covered in bruises, he took my breath away.
The more I get to know Taylor, the sweet Brit who has as many demons as I do, the more I feel the need to keep him safe from everything that’s hurting him.
Maybe I’ll never be whole again. Maybe Taylor won’t either. But maybe, just maybe, together, we can be the glue that puts all our shattered pieces together again.

Descend Into Madness

Judgment, one of the harshest things any one person can do, especially to those they say they love. Convince me, that the air I need, should be shared. Control a life that is not yours, but let me lead you into the depths of my despair. Guide you to my hurt, will it lead you to something you wish you could unsee, or will you descend into madness?

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