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6 tips to making a writer’s cave/office

A friend came to me for some advice, and after thanking me for good advice, she suggested I start an advice column. I gave this careful consideration (and not my 2 second thought process, but actual brain powered thinking), and decided it was best that I be her personal advice columnist instead. However, I have noticed I’ve been doing the whole “Dear Abby” bit to myself when things don’t go according to plan.  

Dear Robyn, 
Why do I absolutely suck at being a writer? I get all pumped up to write and then the second I get the laptop out, it’s like all that excited energy fizzles out into a pile of poop. I’ve heard that creating a writer’s cave is the optimal place to get all your creative juices flowing, but I don’t have a little section of heaven I can call my own, and so my office is my settee. 
Sincerely yours, 
Stressed Out Author Wannabe. 

Dear Stressed Out Author Wannabe, 
As I like to tell all the people I give advice to, the first thing you need to do is breathe!
While you’re breathing, be kinder to yourself. (I mean, I’m talking to myself, so I know my writing dilemma isn’t only about not having a writer’s office) Be proud of yourself for being a stubborn cow who refuses to give up. I mean, look how far you’ve come? It wasn’t too long ago that you wouldn’t even pick up a pen and scribble on paper! Now, you’re writing blog posts AND novels! 😮 
But back to the office situation… 
Sitting on a sofa can work, however, you sit on the same sofa to watch TV, play PS4, read. When it comes to writing, you can’t switch your brain over to the creative side. And let’s not forget that you’re autistic and surrounded by books and mess because you don’t have a desk or anything to keep stuff organized. It’s absolute chaos. And creativity can’t bloom in chaos. 
But never fear! As I have some tips on building an office out of absolutely nothing, because I’ve done it 😀 

If you want to create your own office/writer’s cave but not sure where to begin, here’s what I did. 

  1. Finding the right spot to plant your ass is first on the list because you’ll be building your cave around your seat. Lighting is everything. I have my cave in a nook/corner of my living room, with my recliner facing the window. So, when the writing bug bites, I can sit there for hours and write without distraction or blinding light or darkness. 
  2. Use your super comfy chair for writing only. (Gaming is optional, depending on where you have your console) I’ve read on many blogs how changing location can trigger your brain to write, hence, the office in the first place. I thought I was sh*t out of luck because we don’t have room in our house for a room to call my own. But simply swapping seats is like stepping into my own cave. 
  3. Give it that office-y feel with bookshelves or anything you use to store your book related crap. The way my cave is set up does actually feel like I’m stepping into a different room because of the position of the recliner and the sofa. I have my shelves in front of my recliner along with all my other book related crap, and it’s all organized and neat and calming. I’ve added little things like stuffies and my Night Before Christmas Tarot Cards, and of course, my Playstations to make it personal and for me alone. 
  4. Noise Canceling headphones are a godsend! I may have a metaphorical door, but it doesn’t do much to shut out the outside world. But these things are a must! Sometimes I don’t even play music, I just have them on to shut out noise and be like a Do Not Disturb sign. (I didn’t pay much for mine, but they work amazingly) 
  5. No desk? No worry! I’ve seen fold up desks online which look pretty cool, actually, but I still don’t have a place for one. I have a lap desk for writing in my journals or studies, but otherwise, my laptop is on my lap. What a concept? A laptop on your lap!
  6. Writer’s gloves! Okay, you don’t actually need them for your office, totally a personal preference, but I have them because I can’t handle the feel of the laptop under my hands. But I love my gloves with a capital love! And they also help to get me into the right headspace. 

I started this post last week, after I built my office/writer’s cave and it’s been a few days since and I’m happy to tell you it has helped so much! Hubs still gets to see me, sort of, (the back of my head at least) and I’ve been able to slip into writing mode a lot easier than pre-cave. Every writer should have one! 
If you need me, I’ll be in my office! I’ve always wanted to say that.

Much love,

6 thoughts on “6 tips to making a writer’s cave/office”

  1. Oh my goodness! Yes! You know I love my advice columns. This is actually very inspiring because I do actually have a small little clerk’s desk (think Bob Cratchet, but not so high and a computer chair). And I do have the shelves (the same black ones as you have apparently). But this is a good swift kick in the somewhere for me to get it up and running. Thanks for the advice, and inspiration! I usually find that when I am giving advice, I’m really talking to myself. Saying what I would want or need to hear. So, that seems to work! At least for other kindred weirdos. Love this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s like Alice in Wonderland where she gives herself good advice but never takes it… that’s me! But I’m trying hehe. And yes!!! Set up your writers cave or I’ll give you a swift, virtual kick in the whatsit 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Fine then! But don’t we all give better advice than we take it? I can fix other people’s problems way better than my own. Oh! That’s your advice column name! “Ask Alice.” Like the song.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s because other people’s problems are way easier to fix than your own. Think about it? If someone asks you for advice about their failing marriage under a collapsing home and currently facing bankruptcy, oh and their cats pregnant for the 5th time that month, then you would know exactly what to say and help them. But if you ask yourself advice on which cereal to buy, you’re stumped… it’s true and you know it! 🤣
        Another pseudo name 🤔 I like it!

        Liked by 1 person

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