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Greetings from the RV Hamptons

Monday 23rd August 2021
Where is the first place you visit when wake up in a brand spanking new, never been here before, state?  
Walmart of course!
And then to taste the fine cuisine of Ohio?
Mc Donald’s. 

This was also the first time we took the boys with us on a sort of shopping trip, and by bringing them with us I mean leaving the poor buggers in the truck.
Don’t worry, they were chilling in the comfy airconditioned truck singing along to “Who let the dogs out.” 

Back at the campgrounds, we were able to take a proper look our surroundings. The first thing we noticed was all the posh RV’s and their very fancy sites crammed with fancy things. It appears to own an all-year-round site like this, you needed to meet a certain criteria, kind of like the RV Hamptons.
Every site had a shed. Not your average shed you get from Lowes or B&Q, no, these sheds were top notch Harrods sheds. If Harrods sold sheds that is… Complete with their Harrods fire pits and Harrods swing chairs. A fancy looking Harrods patio and all. And you weren’t anybody unless you were styling in your very own Harrods golf cart.
Clearly, we aren’t anybody, as we returned to our tiny camper and bare patch of dirt with a sprinkling of grass.
We do not belong at the RV Hamptons. 

Thankfully, there weren’t many people staying at their 5-star RV’s to see us scuzbuckets tarnishing the area. 

Please note, I’m not trying to be mean, because the people we did meet were actually lovely. I’m simply trying to emphasis how out of place I personally felt. Hubs, on the other hand, couldn’t give a rat’s whatsit. 

I tried to pretty up our campsite a little though, with bright orange dog ropes, camping chairs from Walmart and house plants. 

Yes, you read that correct… house plants. I took three from home because they are like bratty kids and if not cared for correctly, they show off. Limp, brown leaves, positively dying, and this is just if I put them in a spot, they don’t like… 

For two dogs who spend their days running around naked on their acres of land, heading up the road to go visit the neighbour, who is also the dog warden (thank you again for not telling us off. Our boys just love you that much) they did very well on their ropes. It only took a few hours wrestling them into their harnesses, looking more like a WWF match, like I watched with my family when I was a kid. All that was missing was popcorn and coca cola.
Minimal effort, really.
With my handbag filled with doggy do bags, because what else do you use a handbag for? And we were off, taking the boys for a stroll up to the lake. 

It was hot, sweltering hot! And since I had already slipped into my dungaree shorts and shocked the world with my shockingly white legs, I left them on for our walk, in hopes to get a tan. Maybe my legs would be more of an ivory colour instead of the same colour as my Jack Russel’s legs. 

Down at the lake was actually stunning. Absolutely beautiful with the sun skimming across the water, making it shimmer like glittering purple gems and diamonds. Way in the back was a kind of water park thing going on with floaties in the water, looking like an obstacle course you’d find on a game show (Ever watched Wipeout?) I so wanted to go play on it!
I didn’t though.
*Sad face* 

Heading back to our camper, our saviours from the day before drove by us. The lady said I had pretty hair. I’m trying to grow it long enough to sit on it, but the ends keep splitting. Booooo!
But my hair is long and wavy.
She made my day!
She tried getting her husband to agree, but he said we have pretty dogs.
I have to agree, our boys are pretty. 

Since we were leaving the next morning, we didn’t have much unpacked, but the few things I had taken out needed to be buckled down. And as I was busying myself doing that, I heard that fateful noise all dog owners dread. The only noise that can wake you out of a deep sleep.
A dog throwing up. 
And not just one… but both of them.
I think they were doing a contest on who could hurl the most. And as always, they didn’t puke on the lino where I could easily clean it up, it was on the doormats, right next to the lino.
So, I tossed them outside.
The doormats too. 

While the few guests were enjoying their evening with a campfire, making s’mores and laughter, hubs and I spent the beautiful evening hosing down doormats. The not so perfect ending to a perfect day.

Until next time, 
Much love, 

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