Everything In-between

Why puzzles are bad!

The offending 2000 piece puzzle

We interrupt this blog—and by we I mean me—to say we spent last week under a foot of snow and downed trees. No power, no internet, no water, no blogging or writing of any kind. Just two very pissed off people amongst many other pissed off people.

I spent last week putting a 2000 piece puzzle together, which at the start of the week seemed like a very good idea. Power was restored Friday, but I still hadn’t finished my puzzle! At this point I was fed up with the puzzle and started jamming pieces in anywhere, hammering it in with the heel of my fist saying “That will do.”

By Sunday, the puzzle was complete and I could move on with my life. I’m calling this Autistic problem #179, Beginning a puzzle is detrimental to your life.

Monday, I started to piece my house, my relationship with hubs, and life in general back together, and now, finally, I can sit down and write.

Much love,

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